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At HighView Roofing we know that having a sound and secure roof over your head is going to give you the peace of mind you need to know that you’re home and all its contents are very well protected. In Australia, the climate is as harsh as it is unforgiving and for your roof to do its job correctly it is inevitably going to endure some damage. No matter how sturdy it is, the roof of your home will eventually start to deteriorate. Don’t run the risk of leaving your property exposed to the elements, have it replaced by our fully licensed team of roof replacement specialists.


Are you sick and tired of the ongoing cost of maintenance to your tile roof? Does your tile or metal roof leak? Is your metal roof starting to rust or corrode? Do you want to add value to your house? Do you want to increase the insulation rating of your roof and reduce your energy bill? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to upgrade to a new metal roof. Not only are they easy to maintain and great for saving energy, but metal roofs also look sexy! Colorbond is manufactured specifically for Australia’s harsh conditions so it’s built to protect your home from the elements. With a range of colours and profiles to choose from Colorbond creates a modern look for your home. HighView Roofing can provide you with an appraisal of the health of your roof. We are licensed to replace both tile and metal roofs.

If you’re worried about the price or time it will take to replace your roof – don’t be. HighView Roofing will give you a no-obligation assessment and quote, so you know what the cost will be before making any commitments. We understand each home is unique which is why we tailor our services and your quote to your situation, you can rest assured that our quote is transparent, detailed, and accurate. We guarantee some of the most affordable prices in the industry and we guarantee our quality and workmanship.

Like most things, it’s better to act sooner than later, don’t hesitate to replace a damaged roof. A failure to do so will result in severe property damage and become a more costly exercise down the track.

Roof Restorations

If your roof is leaking or looking a bit tired but a roof replacement just isn't in the budget, a complete roof restoration is the solution for you. Extend the life of your roof, prevent costly future repairs and give your roof the facelift it deserves.

Roof Cleaning

Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining your roof. Be it tile or metal, high pressure cleaning not only maintains your roofs overall curb appeal, it can also greatly increase the lifespan of your roof and aid in reducing the risk of damage

Tile & Metal Roofs

Our technicians are trained to work across all manner of roof types and all different roofing materials. From steep roofs to flat roofs, Terracotta tiles, Concrete tiles, different profiles of metal/Colorbond and so much more, we have the expertise and the knowledge for your home

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Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously that question is like “how long is a piece of string?” but if you get in contact with us, our roofing expert will be happy to provide you with an obligation free, acurate quote.

Yes indeed! Highview Roofing has $20million in workers compensation and industry insurance for your piece of mind.

HighView Roofing is a family-owned-and-operated roofing company that services all areas Central Coast and surrounds, with a proven track record in roof replacements, roof restorations, roof repairs and more.

Absolutely! The tradesmen who attend to your roof are just that – ‘Tradesmen’! We are fully qualified and licensed to carry out all the necessary repairs etc to your roof.

Of course this largely depends on the size of your house and whether it is single story or double story etc but generally speaking this kind of thing can be expertly completed within 1-2 days

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